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30" Nammor Pharaoh Hookah

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Nammor Pharaoh Hookah

In ancient Egypt, a Pharaoh was a great ruler. Pharaohs ruled the southern and northern areas of Egypt, and were known as the "Lord of Two Lands" in doing so. Additionally, Pharaohs were known as the "High Priest of Every Temple", as they were not only political rulers but religious rulers as well.

Speaking of rulers, the Nammor Pharaoh Egyptian Hookah towers at 30" tall and is sure to rule over your smoking session in every way imaginable. The hookah shaft is made of solid stainless steel, and made by hand, which gives your hookah an authentic, classic look and feel. Your Pharaoh hookah will come with a Nammor hose to match, a perfect jester for any suitable king. 

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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Authentic Egyptian Products

All of our Egyptian products are handmade in a traditional manner and are not produced off of an assembly line. Because these hookahs are handmade, there are usually slight variations from hookah to hookah. Some hookahs contain visible weld lines or unpolished metal at the welds. Glasses are also hand painted and may have slight variations from the glass shown in the picture. Egyptian hookahs are for people that appreciate the look and feel of handcrafted products. However, they may not satisfy someone looking for a flawless hookah that was made with modern machinery.