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22" Amira/BYO Blade Hookah

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Recently, Amira Hookahs have begun rebranding their products as "BYO" hookahs. Some models may reflect the "Amira" brand name while some may reflect the "BYO" brand name. They are the same company and the same products, just keep in mind that it may reflect either the "Amira" brand or the "BYO" brand.

Amira/BYO Blade Hookah

The Blade hookah from Amira/BYO stands at 22 inches tall and features a modern, silver stem with traditional style ports that rests on a high quality reflective glass base. The stem also has several threaded pieces that come apart for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Blade, and all Amira hookahs, will feature their "twist lock" base technology which ensures a rock solid, airtight seal. Just lower your stem into the base and firmly twist until it locks into place.

A modern finish and patented base technology is cool, but if the hookah doesn't smoke right, then what's the point? Well, Amira made sure this, and all their other hookahs, hits well and will be a regular pipe in your rotation. Featuring a wide gauge downstem and a built in diffuser, you will experience a smooth, open draw during your session.

Along with the hookah itself, an unglazed Egyptian style bowl, washable silicone and aluminum hose, and all the grommets you need will come included in the box, so you can get smoking right away!

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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