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Aviator Hookah Hose by Art Hookah

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Art Hookah Aviator Hookah Hose

Take your hookah set-up to new heights with the Aviator Hookah Hose! This hose is top-of-the-line and VERY long, measuring around 84" long including the 10 1/2" long super strong aluminum hose handle (6061-T6 aluminum if we're being exact). This is the same kind of aluminum used in the space, aircraft, and weapons industries; Art Hookah isn't messing around with this hose. The hose also separates into two pieces for easy cleaning and storage, and it also comes with re-freezable ice packets to turn this into an ice-hose!

Silicone Tubing 

Silicone hookah hoses have become incredibly popular in the last few years, and with good reason. These hoses are incredibly durable, with a long life expectancy, and are quick and easy to clean. Art Hookah took the idea of the silicone hookah hose and chose to do something a little different with it. The Aviator Hookah Hose sports a dark black matte tubing for the hose that has a great neoprene texture to give it a different feel. The interior tubing is the same medical grade silicone you find with other silicone hoses, but this silicone is put through a platinum curing process. This process blends silicone hydride with vinyl, giving the hose a higher tear strength and improved flexibility when compared with other silicone hookah hoses. Again, this hose is 100 percent washable in addition to being darn near indestructible! 

The Aviator Hookah Hose has a medium size gauge that will give you a comfortable and relatively easy flow on every inhale, especially when paired with a hookah sporting a large downstem.

A problem many hookah enthusiasts face with their silicone hoses is that they tend to kink at the ends: where the silicone meets the handle, and where it connects to the hookah's hub. This can cause problems with airflow. Art Hookah kept this flaw in mind when designing the Aviator Hookah Hose by including the hose with an anti-kink spring that goes around the hose at the area you want to prevent kinking.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product

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