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Banana Foster Social Smoke Shisha

Product# SS-BananaFoster
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Banana Foster Social Smoke Shisha Tobacco

Banana Foster Social Smoke Shisha Tobacco faithfully recreates the classic desert flavor, without actually using any alcohol for the brandy flavoring. The banana flavor is not overpowering and does not come off as an artificial banana taste. The sweet and creamy notes inspired from the dessert's use of butter and brown sugar come through pleasantly, as well as some slight spice hints that are a nice addition. This hookah tobacco also generates some killer clouds for you to enjoy during your smoke session! 

Big clouds, tasty dessert flavor? Yes!

Recommended Banana Foster Shisha Mixes

This is a shisha we recommend you not mix, just enjoy it on its own! There is a lot of flavor, and some decent complexity to it, so spend some time figuring all the tastes out before you delve into mixing it. If you are insistent on mixing this shisha you could try adding some of the regular Banana Social Smoke tobacco, or perhaps a sprinkle (a small sprinkle) of a cinnamon flavor such as Cinnamon Roll Social Smoke.

So go ahead, give this interesting flavor a try and be sure to let us know what you think! Leave a review of this shisha tobacco by clicking on the "Reviews" tab above. Along with your review, we'd love to hear about any awesome shisha mixes you come up with using this Banana Foster flavor.

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