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Lavoo Glass Hookahs - Premium Glass on Glass Hookah Line

Lavoo makes world-class premium glass on glass hookahs that truly are functional works of art.  We've seen our fair share of hookahs and Lavoo is up there with absolute best high-end hookah manufacturers.  There are a number of reasons why Lavoo glass hookahs are up there with the best and in this post we will take a look at how Lavoo has elevated hookah smoking to an art form.

Glass on Glass Connections

Lavoo has opted to forgoe the traditional rubber gaskets that nearly all hookahs use to seal up connection points in favor of modern glass on glass connections.  These types of gasket-less seals are achieved by grinding the glass at the seals so they are slightly textured. This texture allows for glass components to grip each other and create air-tight seals.  Using ground glass joints is an expensive and time consuming method but it is an elegant solution to an age old problem.

Built in Diffusers

4 out of the 5 models of Lavoo Hookahs we carry (MP2, MP3, MP4, and MP5) include diffusers built into the downstem of the hookah.  Diffusers are used to increase the surface area of the smoke as it passes through the water in your hookah.  This is achieved by forcing the smoke through small holes or slits in the downstem so as to break the smoke up into many smaller bubbles.  By increasing the surface area of your smoke bubbles more smoke will come into contact with the water in your base and you will get a better filtered, cooler, smoother smoke.

Lavoo MP1 Glass on Glass Hookah

Lavoo MP1 Hookah

100% Corrosion and Rust Free

Because Lavoo hookahs are made from 100% laboratory grade blown glass they contain zero metal components and are therefore completely impervious to corrosion or rust due to constant contact with the water in the base.  Traditional Hookahs require special care to ensure that they have a long life and do not suffer from corrosion.  A hookah that has had problems with rust, mineral deposits and general corrosion will never give you the clean, crisp flavors that your hookah tobacco was designed to create.  With a Lavoo Glass Hookah nothing will get in the way of your favorite shisha flavors.

Functional Art

The final reason why we think Lavoo hookahs are the bee's knees is simply that they are drop dead gorgeous.  Walk into a room where someone is smoking a Lavoo hookah and your eyes will immediately be drawn to it.  You just can't help yourself.  You simply have to know more about this piece of art that is pumping out the massive shisha clouds.  If you are the type of person who refuses to sacrifice form for function, Lavoo is the perfect hookah for you.

Lavoo MP2 Glass on Glass Hookah

Lavoo MP2 Hookah

Lavoo MP3 Glass on Glass Hookah

Lavoo MP3 Hookah

Lavoo MP4 Glass on Glass Hookah

Lavoo MP4 Hookah

Lavoo MP5 Glass on Glass Hookah

Lavoo MP5 Hookah

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