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Best Starbuzz Bold Flavors - A Handy Flavor Guide

Starbuzz is a big name in the hookah community, producing high quality shisha tobacco in a myriad of delicious and wild flavors. The Starbuzz Bold line takes those flavors a step further, delivering a more instense smoke and taste, and massive clouds with every puff. 

We put together a quick and handy guide to some of our favorite Starbuzz Bold shisha flavors.

                              Starbuzz Bold French Orange

The Top 10 Starbuzz Bold Flavors

This top 10 list is in no particular order - no matter what you decide on, these Starbuzz Bold flavors are all terrific and will certainly satisfy your bold shisha cravings.

Queen of Sex - A classic Bold flavor that is one of the most popular varieties Starbuzz makes. Queen of Sex gives you a delicious lemon-flavored smoke that will add an intense citrus kick to your hookah session.

French Orange - Orange sherbet plus graham crackers equals a whole lot of love for this tasty shisha flavor. 

Mint Colossus - This flavor takes mint to the next level. Picture a mint leaf, and then, picture that leaf times one thousand. That's pretty much what Mint Colossus is.

Lady in Red - Reminiscent of a particular brand of bubble gum,  Lady in Red is a sweet treat with cinnamon undertones.

Cosmo Power - Fruity? Check. Floral? Check. Flavor of galactic proportions? Check!

Tropicool - Citrus and pineapple are here to save your hookah bowl, along with their trusty sidekick, mint. 

Golden Grape - This is a pure grape flavor, like Starbuzz took a vineyard and stuffed it into your hookah bowl.

Apple Doppio - Double Apple is a classic shisha tobacco flavor, and with Apple Doppio Starbuzz has made a terrific version of this shisha staple. Lucious apples and dark licorice meld together in an exquisite blend that dazzles and delights with its depth of flavor. 

Irish Peach - This flavor that will delight your tastebuds with its sweet, almost candy-like peach essence. 

Pink Lady - Another perennial Starbuzz favorite, Pink Lady brings on the grenadine and throws a lime twist on top, just to keep you on your toes. 

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