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Round Glass Hookahs - All Glass Shisha Pipes

Tornado round glass hookah

Traditional hookahs are touted for their custom handmade appearance and traditional styles. However, if you're looking for the custom and culture of a hookah, with a more modern twist, then the Round Glass Hookah line is perfect for you. The glass-on-glassdesign eliminates the need for grommets along with any doubt about perfectly sealed connection points. You may be familiar with Lavoo Glass HookahsRoi Hookahs, but the Round Glass Hookahs are a more affordable version of the all glass hookah trend.

The Round Glass Hookahs come complete with a hose that is a durable, washable plastic. These glass shisha pipes range from 10 inches to 23.5 inches tall, and the mouthtip may be the most unique aspect. Made of twisted glass, the Round Glass Hookah mouthtip comes in an ergonomic design that allows you to choose your most comfortable hand grip. Additionally, each glass hookah downstem has a built-in smoke diffuser!

round glass hookah glass mouth piece

Round Glass Hookahs come in nine completely unique models:

Round Glass Dinasty

Round Glass Atom

Round Glass Saturn's Moon

Round Glass Tornado Hookah

Round Glass Tower

Round Glass Melody

Round Glass Liberty

Round Glass Seven Ring Hookah

Round Glass Hookah Bowl Adapter

Although these glass hookahs come with their own glass bowl, you can purchase a Round Glass Hookah bowl adapter that will allow you to use your own shisha bowl of choice (glass or otherwise).

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