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What Are The Best Fantasia Shisha Flavors? Top 10 Fantasia Hookah Tobacco Flavors

Fantasia is not just a wiley Walt Disney creation where Mickey Mouse introduces a broom to exponential math; it is also one of the most popular shisha tobacco brands around! Fantasia shisha tobacco is known for embodying the party life in its shisha flavor names. With everything from cocktail comparisons, to their new Trendsettah line, you're sure to be one of the cool kids when smoking this brand! Not sure where to start? Here are the top 10 selling Fantasia shisha flavors:

1) Adios Mofo - in opposition to it's badass name, this flavor of Fantasia shisha is actually quite sweet (and very polite). The flavor palate presented is complex and delicious; just imagine taking a blender and adding pinieapple, blueberries, tropical bubblegum, Sweet Tarts, and kiwi together, then blending it all up into a tasty tobacco haze. It's so good, you might just say 'Adios Mofo' to all of the other flavors!

Fantasia Surfer2) Surfer - naturally, we're going to need a beach theme for this Fantasia shisha flavor. Nothing tastes better after a long day hitting the waves like a nice pina colada flavored shisha with just a hint of cherry. Surf's up, bro!

3) Cactus Breeze - this Fantasia shisha flavor is far from prickly - it's delightfully bitter/sweet with a delicate fruit after taste. Go ahead and dig in to this cactus and your taste bud's delight-o-meter will spike!

4) 4Play - this Fantasia shisha flavor seems as though it would be remicient of it's namesake, perhaps tasting of roses or chocolate. Well then, you are wrong, my friend, because Fantasia's idea of 4Play is done with watermelons. Lots of juicy, ripe, flavor-packed watermelons. And now you know.

Fantasia Dragon's Breath5) Dragon's Breath -one must be bold, noble, and have an exact replica of full-body Medieval chainmail armor to smoke this flavor of Fantasia! Okay, maybe not. I doubt that the knights of yore were too familiar with this delightful medley of papaya, kiwi, and cactus fruit, but it's nice to dream.

6) The Million Dollar Flavor - you're going to love The Million Dollar shisha flavor like a fat kid loves cake. It's sweet, decadent, and has rich cherry overtones.

7) Ice Mint - if you ever felt inclined to introduce your grandma to shisha tobacco, then Fantasia Ice Mint may be the flavor to start with. It tastes and smells just like the juicy spearmint gum that's in grammy's purse. The cool, mint flavor will chill you out from your head to your toes.

8) Incredible - Mellow Yellow, Mountain Dew, Sprite, 7Up, see a pattern? Fantasia Incredible shisha is a light, refreshing pairing of citrus. A little lemon, a little lime, and...aahhhh, Incredible.

9) Apple Martini - bite into a green apple and your tastebuds will water while your cheeks pucker inward. This exciting sweet and sour sensation is what you'll get from Fantasia Apple Martini shisha. It's like a smack in the mouth, but without upsetting anyone in the process!

10) Rainbow Burst - the best thing about being an adult, is you can eat Fruity Pebbles whenever you want. Just reach in, grab a handful, and scoop it right into your mouth - no milk, no bowl, no nothing! Or, I suppose, you could smoke Fantasia Rainbow Burst shisha. With hints of orange, raspberry, cherry, and lemon dancing around in your mouth, you'll want to pull up in front of some Saturday morning cartoons and enjoy a big bowl of this joyful shisha.

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