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Class of the Glass: The Best Glass Hookahs

All glass hookahs are constantly increasing in popularity because of their reliability, smooth smoke output and unique design concepts. There are a few frontrunners in terms of glass hookah brands that are beginning to solidify their positions as the dominant hookah brands in the all glass hookah market: LavooArt HookahRound Glass, and more recently Evolution Glass hookahs have made significant strides in the glass hookah market. These brands use glass of superior quality, offer replacements for their specified accessories and are often refreshing their inventory to offer the latest and greatest in glass hookah technology.

Listed below is a selection of some of our top selling glass hookahs from the previously mentioned brands.

Art Temple Hookah 45 v4.0

The Art Temple hookah has really taken off in terms of popularity over the past year or so due to its elegant design, super wide glass structure, built-in diffuser, and numerous other features. The Art Temple also includes an LED base light to give your room a glowing ambience whilst smoking from this elaborate piece of art. Due to its size and the fact it's made of solid glass, the Art Hookah is a breeze to keep clean and will not ghost old hookah flavors. To add to the novelty, you can pick up some Art Hookah Beads, and really class up your glass! 

Shop Art Temple Glass Hookah Here

Art Temple v4.0 Glass Hookah

Lavoo MP5 Glass Hookah

The Lavoo MP5 Glass Hookah is arguably the most popular glass hookah available today. These particular models are about 10.75" in length and sit horizontally so as to avoid any sort of tipping over altogether. The glass used to construct the Lavoo hookahs is high-quality, thick glass that will be durable enough to last you quite a while with the proper care, even with consistent use.

Check out the Lavoo MP5 Here

Lavoo MP5 Glass Hookah

Round Glass Saturn's Moon Glass Hookah

The Round Glass Saturn's Moon is one of the most affordable and compact glass hookahs available on our website, and its reasonable price tag has a lot to do with the growing popularity of Round Glass as a brand. Sitting at a mere 11.5" in height, the Saturn's Moon is the smallest hookah on our list in terms of stature, but don't let that fool you - this hookah matches the quality that is demanded of glass hookahs and is sure to satisfy. Additionally, these hookahs come with an awesome custom Round Glass hookah hose.

See more about Round Glass Saturn's Moon Here

Round Glass Saturn's Moon Hookah

Lavoo MP5-X Glass Hookah

The MP5-X by Lavoo is the younger brother of the Lavoo MP5 hookah. The MP5-X has a larger body, at 12" in length, and the body of the hookah is a bit wider as well, allowing for more airflow to filter through the device while smoking. Like its older brother, this hookah also comes with everything you need to get smoking out of the box, including a Vortex style hookah bowl, a Lavoo hose and a showerhead diffuser at the bottom of the downstem. 

Read more about Lavoo MP5-X Here

Lavoo MP5-X Glass Hookah

Evolution Originale Glass Hookah

The Evolution Originale stands at a domineering 25" in height, and mimics the design of a more traditional Egyptian style hookah. This is one of the tallest glass hookahs available, contributing to the popularity of this particular model. Evolution has also designed their own custom hose with a glass hose tip specifically for their line of awesome hookahs. If you are looking for a glass hookah with some actual height to it, you gotta go with the Originale!

Learn about the Evolution Originale Here

Evolution Originale Glass Hookah


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