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The Top 5 Al Fakher Hookah Mixes

This post was updated on 03/19/2019


Al Fakher shisha tobacco is the perfect tobacco to use as a mixer to customize your hookah experience. The Al Fakher line is so vast that you can create any flavor imagineable just by mixing and matching flavors, 

We have come up with some of the top Al Fakher shisha mixes from around the globe, and have come up with a few flavors on our own, internally that we have to share with the world! Take a look at some of the most delectable shisha flavor mixes below, and if there are any that you feel should be added, let us know in the comments below and we may just add it to our list! 

Al Fakher Cookbook

1. Lemon Rose - 50% Al Fakher Rose + 50% Al Fakher Lemon - You may have seen this mix before in our Top 10 Shisha Mixes blog last year, but it still stands strong as one of our favorites. We still haven't figured out why this combination of AF Rose and AF Lemon turns into a blissful fruity delight, but we will just continue smoking without questioning things too much. Pro Tip: Try adding a pinch of Al Fakher Vanilla to the blend which really brings the flavors together and adds a creamy texture to the smoke. 



2. Cherry Lemonade- 20% Al Fakher Grenadine + 40% Al Fakher Cherry + 50% Al Fakher Lemon  - Cherry Lemonade is a delicious blend of Al Fakher's Cherry, Lemon, and Grenadine flavors. Al Fakher Grenadine is a sweet, yet slightly tart, pomegranate flavor very similar to grenadine syrup which is used commonly in a variety of mixed drinks due to it's excellent ability to add sweetness to any mix. When combined with Al Fakher Cherry and Lemon the Grenadine flavor adds just the right amount sweetness to balance out the tartness of the blend resulting in a fantastic cherry lemonade flavor. Want to add a little bit of cooling refreshment to the mix? Try swapping in Al Fakher Lemon Mint in place of the Lemon! 



3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch -25% Al Fakher Cinammon + 25% Al Fakher Coconut + 50% Al Fakher Vanilla - Cinnamon Toast Crunch!? Yes please.  This shisha mix mimics the flavor nicely, with the Al Fakher Cinnamon and Vanilla leading the charge. The Al Fakher Coconut lightens the mix up slightly, adding sweetness and a creamy texture to it and really blending it all together nicely so no one flavor stands out too much. Definitely recommended for those who like sweet cinnamon mixes, and especially Cinnamon Toast Crunch fans!



4. Banana Split - 30% Al Fakher Vanilla + 20% Al Fakher Chocolate + 25% Al Fakher Strawberry Cream+ 25% Al Fakher Banana - This is a little bit of a complex mix, but once you get it perfect, it is the Banana Split mix to end all Banana Split mixes. It's pretty easy to mix actually, just keep the chocolate and vanilla in one half of the bowl (with a bit more Vanilla than Chocolate), and split the Strawberry Cream and Banana evenly throughout the other half of the bowl. The mix speaks for itself once you smoke it, so no further explanation is necessary. 10/10!



5. Peach Cobbler- 50% Al Fakher Peach + 25% Al Fakher Cinnamon + 25% Al Fakher Vanilla - This one is always a crowd pleaser, though you'll probably want to save the last slice for yourself! Blend your cinnamon and vanilla flavors together and then load half of your bowl with peach and the other half with your cinnamon/vanilla mixture. Voila! 


Again, these are just our Top 5 favorites that we have tried around the office here, but the combinations are literally infinite. We'd love to hear your feedback on these flavors, and recommended mixes you've tried in the past! 

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