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Hookah Accessory Upgrade Guide

How To Upgrade Your Hookah

One of the best things about having a hookah is being able to customize different aspects of your set up to improve the performance or just add some personality to it. Sometimes this means improving airflow by using a new bowl or hose, sometimes it means using a heat management device instead of foil, and other times it may be adding an LED light under your hookah to really add some flare. Today we're going to check out some of the best accessories to consider when upgrading your hookah! 

Best Hookah Upgrades Under $25

Ripper Silicone Hose - The Ripper Silicone Hose is a sleek, modern style washable hose made with surgical grade silicone tubing and comes with a lightweight anodized aluminum handle. Once assembled this hose will measure 72" in length and the handle is modular meaning that you can unscrew the pieces making it even easier to clean each piece individually. 

Amira Wand Hose - The Amira Wand Hose is another fantastic option for a modern silicone washable hose.  In addition to being a 72" length washable hose made from surgical grade silicone tubing, the anodized aluminum handle also offers a unique grip and two tone color option that makes this one particularly eye catching. 

Heba Diffuser - Sometimes the best gifts come in small packages, and the Heba diffuser is no exception. This tiny little filtration device attaches to the bottom of your downstem that sits down in to the water and breaks the smoke up in to small bubbles as it is passing in to the water which allows for a more efficient smoke filtration process before the smoke passes up in to your hose. Not only does the Heba diffuser improve the filtration process resulting in a smoother smoke, it also lessens the rumbling sound from your hookah allowing for a quieter smoking experience as well. 

Hookah Vacuum Starter Pro 2.0 - This  miniature vacuum is the perfect way to get your hookah session started quickly. Add your lit charcoals to the bowl, plug your hose in to the hose port on your hookah and the mouth tip in to the large cone shaped port on the Hookah Starter Pro, flick the On switch. This handy dandy little accessory does the hard work of getting the charcoals stoked and pulling air through your hookah to get the smoke rolling so that when you're ready to take your first puff you'll be getting full tasty clouds instead of hot air! 

Pharaoh's Flash Bowl - The Pharaoh's Flash bowl is a unique hybrid bowl that finds the sweet spot between traditional and modern styles. This bowl has a raised phunnel style spire in the middle with additional air intake holes around the edges of the dish as well allowing for maximum airflow.  In addition, this awesome bowl design offers a "lip" around the dish so that you can use a heat management device like the Kaloud Lotus with this bowl. 

Retro Harmony Bowl - A long standing crowd favorite bowl, the Retro Harmony is an excellent choice for upgrading from a standard hookah bowl to a phunnel style bowl with excellent airflow. Made from American Red Clay which absorbs and transfers heat through the shisha extremely well, these bowls are available in several gorgeous glazed colors and work well with any type of shisha you are using.