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Tobacco Free And Nicotine Free Shisha

Tobacco Free Shisha Alternatives

Here at Hookah Company we carry a huge array of shisha brands that each offer their own unique styles of cut, flavorings, and nicotine content for smokers of all levels. However, many new smokers enjoy little to no nicotine, and there are many experienced smokers who prefer minimal nicotine content in their session as well, so today we're going to cover our 100% tobacco free and nicotine free herbal shisha alternatives.  

These are fantastic options for those new to hookah or experienced fans who prefer to keep the nicotine out of their bowl while maintaining a full flavored smoke session, so let's take a look at what each of these brands brings to the table! 

Urth Tree Fruit Molasses - This unique herbal shisha alternative from the makers of CocoUrth charcoal is made by flavoring pureed apples with natural molasses flavoring resulting in a fine cut consistency that produces excellent clouds with full flavor. Available in 250g resealable jars, each of Urth Tree's 7 unique flavors are well worth trying out! 

Available in 250g size. 

Fantasia Herbal Shisha - Fantasia is one of the most well known shisha tobacco brands on the market and they are now offering 20 of their most popular flavors in a 100% nicotine free and tobacco free herbal shisha. Similar to their shisha tobacco line, Fantasia Herbal is finely chopped and extremely juicy resulting in high cloud output

Available in 50g size.

Hydro Herbal Shisha - Hydro Herbal was one of the first non-tobacco shishas on the market and has steadily grown to become the most popular one as well. While their recipe may be confidential, the consistency of Hydro Herbal shisha is very similar to pulped up sugar cane fibers and is soaked in a generous amount of flavoring juices for maximum clouds! Offering an exceptionally diverse menu of over 30 flavors this is a brand well worth checking out. 

Available in 50g, 250g, and 500g sizes.

Bowl Packing Tip 

While these herbal shishas will not contain any tobacco or nicotine, they will be very similar in consistency to that of actual shisha tobacco so packing your bowl will be just as easy as with standard shisha. Simply load your preferred herbal shisha in to your bowl (we recommend a light or "fluff" pack as with blonde leaf shisha tobacco), apply your foil or heat management device to your bowl, add your charcoals and enjoy!