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23" BYO Zilla Hookah

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BYO Zilla Resin Wood Hookah

The team over at BYO Hookahs has been putting out some fantastic pieces in their proprietary "Resin Wood" line of hookah pipes, and we're proud to bring you their latest model: the 23 inch tall Zilla! Natural grain wood uniquely blends with colorful resin epoxy to create a stem design that truly POPS!

The metal stem components are CNC machined out of aerospace grade aluminum resulting in a durable hookah which is resistant to both rust and corrosion (with proper maintenance) and, as long as you take care of it, will provide countless shisha tobacco smoke sessions.

Using BYO's patented "twist to lock" base technology, the resin wood shaft easily attaches to the base with a simple "click". This type of connector provides a perfectly airtight stem and base connection without the need for a regular rubber base grommet. Just insert your resin wood hookah stem into your glass base and gently twist the two together until you feel the connection complete and become locked in place.

But most importantly, how does it smoke? The wide-gauge stainless steel down stem results in smooth and open pulls making it easier than ever to get thick clouds of shisha smoke while the built in diffuser helps reduce the noise or "rumble" your hookah makes with each pull. These design additions help provide fantastic smoke sessions with minimal airflow restriction.

Included with each BYO Zilla hookah is an unglazed BYO hookah bowl, a washable BYO silicone hose with matching resin-wood handle, tongs, and all the necessary grommets to ensure airtight connections right out of the box.

And as if it couldn't get any better, you'll also receive a reusable resin wood BYO hookah mouthtip and lanyard set that matches the color/design of the resin stem! This will help keep your hookah hose and shisha sessions as sanitary as possible which is always important, especially if planning on sharing your hookah with friends!

This hookah comes as a single hose model, however you can easily convert it into a 2 hose hookah with the addition of an Amira/BYO hose adapter!

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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