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Cherry Fumari Shisha

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Fumari Cherry Flavor Description

Are you looking for solid fruit flavor with a bite? Look no further than the outstanding taste of Fumari Cherry Shisha tobacco. This particular flavor uses a red dye with a solid amount of shisha juice that results in an explosion of cherry flavor. It is recommended that you squeeze the packaging from the exterior before smoking, this will mix the shisha with the juice for the most flavor possible in your session. The aroma from Fumari Cherry provides you with a rich and full-bodied Cherry scent, and with a deep inhale you can almost taste the tartness. At the start of your session you'll taste the tart notes, as it builds up to a robust and slightly sweet cherry taste.

Why Should You Try Fumari?

Fumari has a very strong following from hookah enthusiasts around the world, and they're known for their Blueberry Muffin & White Gummi Bear flavors. From those two flavors, and a couple more, people were excited to see what else was to be offered from Fumari; they did not let their customers down. Fumari shisha tobacco is offered in two sizes: the standard size is 100g, and if you really enjoy any particular flavor just give in to your desires and get the 1000g (1 Kilo) size. Each flavor arrives in a black resealable bag, this allows for an ease in storage and travel. Along with the stellar flavors and packaging, Fumari provides enough juice in each blend for an amazing long lasting smoke session as well as massive cloud output. Enjoy!

How Should You Smoke Fumari Cherry

Since Fumari Tobacco has more juice than the average modern cut shisha, it is recommended that you use a phunnel hookah bowl. These type of bowls will prevent any juice from entering your hookah and making a mess, keeping all the flavor inside the bowl. This tobacco does not require high amounts of heat, so when you prepare your bowl use a fluff pack or slightly dense loading method.

Recommended Fumari Cherry Shisha Mixes

Through our many sessions with Fumari Cherry Shisha tobacco, we've come across a couple great companions to accentuate the flavor. If you are looking to add a mellow sweetness to this cherry flavor, try out the Fumari French Vanilla flavor with an even mix or layer method 50/50. We have also enjoyed this flavor in combination with Fumari mint, or the Fumari Mandarin Zest Flavor.

Already have some awesome mix ideas you've come up with, click "Reviews" to share them with us along with your flavor review! Happy mixing!

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