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Cinnamon Al Fakher Shisha

Product# AF-Cinnamon
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Cinnamon Al Fakher Shisha Flavor Description

The Cinnamon Al Fakher Shisha tobacco serves up a sweet variation on a spicy classic flavor. Unlike some spicier versions of cinnamon hookah tobacco, this one is sweet and mellow and doesn't get harsh over time. The smell of the Cinnamon is not overwhelming, it does have a bit of a cinnamon gum smell, and the cut is short and decently juicy. This tasty cinnamon flavor not only has a pleasant flavor, it has nice, full clouds. This taste is not much of a candy cinnamon taste, more something what you would get from an actual cinnamon stick.

Recommended Cinnamon Al Fakher Shisha Mixes

The beauty of Cinnamon flavors is that they are an amazing addition to a wide variety of shishas. Cinnamon and apple? Of course. Cinnamon and peach? Naturally. But even Cinnamon and mango, or cinnamon and apricot, are decent match-ups. So be adventurous!

If you've come up with some original mix ideas using the Cinnamon Al Fakher Shisha, click "Review" and share your flavor review and mix recommendations with us!

Cinnamon Al Fakher shisha is available in 50g250g and 1000g (1 kilo) size packages. 

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to buy this product.

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Cinnamon Al Fakher Shisha Reviews
Cinnamon Al Fakher Shisha has a average rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars based on 1 reviews.
Overall Product Feeling:
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Odd to taste,less than pleasant to smoke
Reviewed by Ramshakle
Comments about Cinnamon Al Fakher Shisha:

I love Cinnamon in food,especially in bakery and soups.Thus in an uncaluclated move supprted by an indulgant and euphoric mood I went bold enough to buy a whole tin of 250gm Al-Fakher Cinammon.It was not that smart thing to do.This pack from Al Fakher comes in the usual practical zipp-lock nylon bag in a plastic hinged can that has a problem with its dysfunctional lock.The Colour is red-brown, obviously dyed. The Cut is small -medium.Less than expected stems to remove.Not so overly juicy but fairly moist.Smell of Cinammon is brave and hard-hitting...just like fresh cinammon powder readily sold in a middle-eastern market.There was a problem though.The taste was odd on the exhale.It's Cinammon alright , but with an annoying sour tinge ( the package was only 3 months old , fresh enough for a 2-year shlef-life so to speak).Furthermore there was a wierd undertone of an other undefineable added spice that changes the original taste of cinammon to those accostumed to it. The flavour was a little blunt and moist not as sharp and dry as you'd liked it to be.Imagine cinammon powder that has had a long exposure to ater steam in the kitchen.It becomes dull.Got the picture ?I knew from the start even before opening the can that Cinammon tobacco is not a falvour one would want to smoke alone by itself.So I packed the head with Vanilla Al Fakher , 1:1 ratio. It was quite alright but the taste was still odd enough not to fall in love with.I tried it again with Golden Al Fakher Apple Bahraini changing the mixing ratio to 1 portion Cinammon to 3 portions Apple.The result was greatly improved for the better , yet...I'd have enjoyed more the apple alone minus the cinammon.It makes the session a bit boring to have cinammon in the mix.I also felt the smoke becomes just a little harsher.Now , I don't know how would Cinammon shisha tastes like from other brands like Starbuzz or Layalina but I was not that happy with it from Al Fakher.The net conclusion was :No.,,I don't want to smoke Cinammon flavour again.I know now that the can will sit un-touched for a long long long time before I gather enough urge to try it again.I'd suggest you skip this one and save your money for something else.PS ! I gave it 2 stars in my rating but I only did so because as I said in the beginning I like Cinammon and don't want to hurt its feelings, otherwise I'd have marked this shisha with just one small and humble star !Enjoy (anyway ! ).Ramshakle

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