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Fakfakhina Fumari Shisha

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Fumari Fakfakhina Shisha Tobacco

Sing this to the tone of composer Boy George's 1983 classic Karma Chameleon "Faka, Faka, Faka, Faka, Fakfahina!" Stuck in your head? That's exactly what this flavor will do.

Fumari Fakfakhina Shisha Tobacco is a delicious blend of rich, juicy, natural red apple complemented by a sweet indescribable flavor that will keep you guessing. On the inhale the light, sweet flavor is incredibly intriguing, pushing you to take another pull to investigate the mystery. The exhale provides the calm, delicate answer. Fumari lists this flavor as a Red Apple blend, but the nose knows there is more to this shisha than what Fumari is willing to tell. We notice that the bowl definitely hits it's stride after smoking for about 30 minutes. This flavor is truly an enigma wrapped in a conundrum with a side of riddle; do you have the hookah knowledge to solve it?

Why Try This Hookah Tobacco?

Fumari is known by hookah smokers the world over for making exciting, true to form blends of hookah tobacco. Fumari Fakfakhina is a solid choice for a nice night in with friends, tell them it's Bubble Gum and sit back and laugh as they agree. No matter how many bowls of Fakfakhina you get under your belt this flavor will escape your grasp. Fumari Fakfakhina is reserved for the smoker who wants to expand their product knowledge and enjoy the best modern shisha has to offer.

Fumari is a short cut, brand exclusive juicy blend of hookah tobacco, and the tobacco is light amber in hue

Hookah Mix Recommendations

Not only does Fumari Fakfakhina smoke splendidly on its own, but we find that it is also great to mix with bold hookah tobacco flavors like Fumari White Peach.  

Mix this shisha tobacco with Fumari White Peach to enhance the rich, sweet taste of Fakfakhina.  We recommend a 60-40 blend, the majority being the Fumari White Peach for best results. Really take the time to massage the two flavors together, effectively mixing the shisha juices. It's also a good idea to dab some of the excess juices off the shisha before loading your bowl for better smoke production.

If you come up with a great hookah mix of your own using this new Fumari flavor, click "Reviews" and give us your flavor review!

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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