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90" Starbuzz Maximus Hookah Hose

Product# Hose-SB-Maximus
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Starbuzz Maximus Hose Description

Starbuzz is making high quality hookah accessories now, and the Starbuzz Maximus is their flagship hookah hose. Starbuzz isn't kidding when they say "Maximus", this monster hookah hose is 90" long, including a 21" long hookah handle.  Wrapped in synthetic leather, this incredible hose is built for durability as well as maximum smoke output. 

Completely washable, the 1" wide bore hose will maximize your draws, serving up ginormous and delicious clouds. The Maximus Starbuzz hookah hose is the perfect add on for a Starbuzz hookah stem or any large Egyptian hookah stem

Why Smoke This Hose?

The Starbuzz Maximus hose is designed to create optimal airflow which yields massive clouds of hookah smoke with relative ease. Upon smoking this hose, you'll notice a much smoother, quieter draw than you would normally get if you were using a lesser hose. The 90" long hose is also much easier to pass back and forth between friends, reducing the risk of tipping your hookah over during a particularly late and hazy smoke session. This will help you avoid making our next 7 Hookah Fails blog

Another major advantage to the Maximus hose is that this beast is full washable. That means as soon as you're done with your bowl of Tangiers Cane Mint, all you have to do is give the Maximus a thorough cleaning and you're ready to open up a fresh bowl of Al Fakher Blueberry - with no ghosting!

The last amazing feature of this hose is the wide bore handle. Aren't you tired of holding that tiny hose with the little micro finger grips? Honestly, you can do better. With the Maximus hose, not only do you get a real hookah handle to hold onto while you smoke on your favorite shisha tobacco, but the extra width of the handle allows for much more air to pass through your hookah with ease.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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