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Kiwi Strawberry Fusion Tobacco

Product# FUS-KiwiStrawberry
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Kiwi Strawberry Fusion Tobacco

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Kiwi Strawberry Fusion Tobacco Reviews
Kiwi Strawberry Fusion Tobacco has a average rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars based on 1 reviews.
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Aspiration towards a new horizon !
Reviewed by Ramshakle
Comments about Kiwi Strawberry Fusion Tobacco:

I was a bit reluctant to purchase this product.Personally I'm not a big fan pure fruity shisha flavours.Furthermore, on a fine and happy super-market day I wouldn't find myself impulsed to buy a kiwi nor a strawberry.Both fruits , although more often than not quite celebrated ,but still not that instantly memorable or palate seductive.However, to complete a 2-kg order I was short of a 50 gramer so I went for this one in way of adventure.Happily surprised.The little twist of habbit paid off..apparently.This Kiwi/strawberry is a wlecomed gesture from Fusion brand.It's clean with hardly any significant amount of stems (it's generally claimed that manufacturers pay less attention to honour their smaller packages, which on second though can be persumed as an act of dullness on marketing prospective because 50 and 100 gm packs are meant to be on-calling testers .Think perfume industry for example ).It's fairly juicy and moist. Less dyed and has more (natural) character .No arificial undertones or floral back-ground here (floral= think powdery ). What makes Kiwi/Strawberry from Fusion a success is the conceptual subtlity and balance in the exhale.You smoke and after-taste and you think : here is the kiwi alright, and there is the strawberry flavour.I say this because when considering my previous experiences with any given fruit cocktail , they marked with that vague and elsuive fruit sallad sugary sweet taste that you only know is fruity for a fact but still you're unaware of what's in your bowl.The buzz is non-existing and the smoke rings are happy,wide and voluminous.The head responds well to heat but a bit over-sensitive to extra coals on top.To mix it with other stuff is to fail.You'd sacrifice the good distinctive Kiwi taste for an illusion.Better avoid mixing this.The cut is fine and gently meshed. It comes in a nylon bag in the middle of a small good looking longitudinal and elegant can with a re-windable lit (like a small window used as look hinged to the top of the can ).I thought this designer touch is appealing. An easily forgotten curiosum though if you are in for the beefy meat and not intrested in make-up table mannerism and style.If you are hard-core smoker you might find this product a bit girlish compared to say...Tnagiers Kashmir.But if you are out in a road-side cafe chatting with boring semi-friends this shisha would be your gate out of it to keep your thoughts busy until the go away..and preferrably if they pay your own bill plus the tips to the waiter on there way out to leave you alone with this shisha until it dies....a tragic and mournful death of sorts.Try the 50 gm first and see for yourself.It's not a master-peice or a top-notch shisha from the fruits of paradise but it's worth the effort to kill 75 mintues of your pale ,meaningless ,unproductive and miserable life.One more puff away before I go now...Ramshakle

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