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Mimosa Hookafina Shisha

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Mimosa Hookafina Shisha Flavor Description

Ever wake up after a night of hard partying and you're feeling it, but you still want to keep the party going? You go to make a bloody mary, but no ingredients. Next up, a mimosa. Alas, you're out of champagne (last night was crazy, after all). But wait! You have Mimosa Hookafina Shisha tobacco, and you're not feeling so bad that you can't smoke! Problem solved.

Mimosa Hookafina is a great orange flavor of shisha that stays very true to the classic alcoholic beverage. Many mimosa shisha flavors are just a variant of orange, and don't get too close to the mimosa taste, but we feel that this particular flavor does justice. The juiciness of the tobacco also gives this shisha amazing cloud output.

Recommended Mimosa Hookafina Shisha Mixes

This is a really solid shisha flavor, and honestly we recommend just smoking it by itself. But, if you insist, perhaps try just a tiny little sprinkling of Fresh Mint Hookafina in your bowl - because why not? Mint goes with everything. On that note, Citrus Mint Hookafina might not be a bad call either.

Got some shisha mix recommendations using Mimosa Hookafina, share them with us! Click the "Reviews" tab to let us in on your mix suggestions, and to give us your review of this flavor.

Pick up Mimosa Hookafina Shisha tobacco in 100g and 250g tins.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product

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