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Mimosa Fumari Shisha

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Fumari Mimosa Shisha Tobacco

After a long night out on the town you slowly creep out of bed, your head pounding, and slowly make your way to the kitchen. Wanting to get rid of your hangover, but still wanting to keep the party going, you search for champagne and orange juice - time for a mimosa. Oh no! You're out of both ingredients! What to do? *Lightbulb* You do have some Mimosa Fumari Shisha Tobacco in your cabinet. Score!

The Mimosa Fumari Shisha nails the orange and carries with it a light champagne undertone. The nice, mild citrus orange flavor is the most predominantly featured flavor in the blend, and much like the real drink, the aftertaste of champagne follows for a brief moment.

Fumari shisha comes with a convenient resealable pouch, which helps lock in freshness and flavor. 

Making the Most of Mimosa

Mimosas are delicious, make no mistake about it. That's why this flavor rocks. No pomp, no frills, no pulp, not from concentrate, this flavor has no problem holding down a smoke session on its own with no mixer. 

Just like the famous mixed drink, this flavor is often smoked in the morning, perhaps over breakfast, perhaps to curve a nasty hangover from the night before. If you drink a mimosa while smoking Fumari Mimosa, well, you've hit the pinnacle of mimosa excellence.

Recommended Mimosa Mixes

There are a couple ways you can go with mixing this flavor. Some people dislike the champagne aftertaste of this shisha flavor, and that's perfectly okay. This flavor can still be for you with a slight tweak. 

Try rocking 65% Mimosa in a bowl backed up by 35% Fumari Raspberry. The Raspberry mixed into the blend will all but cover up the aftertaste of champagne, while adding a sweet element to the mix and maintaining the integrity of the Mimosa flavor.

The second way you can go with this blend is sour, which will also cover up the champagne aftertaste and add an entirely new element to the Mimosa. Once again we're going 65% Mimosa on this blend, with 35% Lemon Fumari on the back end of the mix. 

This blend will give your drink shisha mix a sour element to the exhale, rendering your mix extra citrusy while keeping the Mimosa at the top of its game.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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