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70" Mini Aluminum D-Hose

Product# Hose-DHose-Mini
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Mini D-Hose Aluminum Hookah Hose

The Mini Aluminum handled D-Hose (Dream Hose) takes the impeccable design of its older cousin, the original Aluminum Dream Hose, and miniaturizes it into a more compact package! Measuring a total length of approximately 70 inches, the Mini D-Hose features a 10 1/2 inch anodized aluminum handle that plugs firmly into a soft touch silicone hose tubing.

The aluminum construction of the handle along with the medical grade quality of the silicone tubing means that your Mini D-Hose will be completely washable! Nothing can derail a hookah session faster than tasting flavors from past sessions, so all you'll need to do is rinse your D-Hose with hot water (and lemon juice if it's particularly stained) to wash out any of those ghosted flavors. It's really as simple as that!

If you're looking to keep your hose even more sanitary by using disposable hookah mouthtips, we recommend using the inside fitting Jumbo mouthtips with this hookah accessory.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product

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