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Social Smoke

Mint Social Smoke Shisha

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Mint Social Smoke Shisha Tobacco

Ah mint, one of the great classic flavors of shisha tobacco. Difficult to do wrong, always delicious, and one of the best shisha mixers in the hookah world, everyone loves mint shisha. The Mint Social Smoke shisha is a straight mint flavor that features a potent cooling effect in the throat and lungs, but not overpowering and unpleasant. It has a very realistic mint flavor, like mint leaves, as opposed to tasting like mint gum. In addition to serving up cool, classic mint flavor, this Mint flavor kicks up Social Smoke's famously massive clouds. This Mint flavor produces some really massive clouds for all you who prefer thunderous clouds of smoke, thanks in part to the juicy nature of Social Smoke's tobacco.

Recommended Mint Social Smoke Mixes

This Mint Social Smoke shisha is great on its own, and while it is good to mix other flavors please note that it is not the most powerful mint flavor out there. So be warned that strong shisha flavors may overpower the flavor of this particular mint flavor.

Moving along, mint goes amazingly with just about every flavor of shisha known to man (and some only known by dolphins, not really). Mix your Mint Social Smoke with one of the all-time great mint mixers - lemon; Lemon Social Smoke is a surefire mixer choice. Another great mix for your bowl of Mint is the tart sweetness of Wildberry Social Smoke Shisha.

If you've come up with some awesome mixes using this Mint Social Smoke shisha tobacco, we'd love to hear about them! Click the "Reviews" tab to share your flavor review and mix recommendations with us. Happy mixing!

Note: You must be at least 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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