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Trifecta Gold Blend

Trifecta Nawar Blonde Shisha Tobacco

Product# Trifecta-Blonde-Nawar
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Trifecta Nawar

One of Trifecta Tobacco's most recent releases, Nawar is an intensely floral shisha blend. Combining rose, lavender, and jasmine, this flavor is well loved both on its own and as a "mixer". We recommend adding in a pinch of mint if smoking this on its own. If using Nawar as part of a blend, we advise that you use it sparingly, as it can quickly become the overpowering forefront of any custom mix.

Trifecta Blonde Shisha Tobacco 250g

Trifecta blonde flavors are finally here and we're happy to help get you smoking with all of the wonderful flavors that Trifecta has to offer. These handmade batches are developed and manufactured in the USA with bold blonde leaf tobacco leaves. You can enjoy this shisha in any style of hookah bowl and it's very versatile with different packing methods.

Note: You must be 21  years of age or older to purchase this product

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