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Nectarine Fumari Shisha

Product# FUM-Nectarine
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Fumari Nectarine Shisha Flavor Description

Sweet and succulent, a nectarine is basically a hairless peach - and just as tasty!  I bet you didn't know that a single tree can sometimes produce both peaches and nectarines...I know, mind blown!  Nectarines have a peachy base flavor, but tend to be more tart and notes of a citrus zest, often like a tangerine or orange mixed with peach. It tastes like peaches from a peach tree that someone only watered with Tang.

When to Smoke Fumari Nectarine

This is an excellent outdoors summer smoke shisha selection (boom, alliteration).  You just hopped out of the cool waters of a crystal clear spring feed stream and need some refreshment.  After you guzzle down a quart of ice-cold water, you should plop down in the shade with a lightly packed bowl of nectarine and smoke it for pure flavor.  Don't worry about the thickest clouds or heavy buzz. Fumari Nectarine hookah tobacco is designed for deliciousness. On those lazy days spent enjoying good weather, this flavor is the ultimate shisha refreshment. 

Recommended Fumari Nectarine Shisha Mixes

50% Fumari Nectarine + 50% Fumari Watermelon - Welcome to tropical fruit punch bliss.  The sweet watermelon flavors melt away the tangy edges of the nectarine into a sweet cacophony of fruity nirvana.  We would have named it, but we get so fruit drunk when we smoke it, we always forget!

65% Fumari Nectarine + 35% Fumari Ambrosia  - The Nectarine is assertive enough to break through the mild, sweet creaminess of the ambrosia and adds a little kick to whole thing.  A great smoke to kick back and relax after a long night out or for that special someone who comes over when you swipe right and get a match (wink)!

We know you have some great ideas of your own, and we want to hear about them! If you come up with a great hookah mix of your own using Fumari Nectarine, click "Reviews" and give us your flavor review or mix recommendation!

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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