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Oduman Glass Hookahs

11" Oduman N3 Glass Hookah

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Oduman N3 Glass Hookah

The Oduman N3 glass hookah sits at approximately 11" tall and is a modern combination of glass hookah designs with a metal downstem and ports.

The stem is made of high quality stainless steel which will be resistant to flavor ghosting and corrosion with the proper maintenance. This hookah will also include a stainless steel coal tray that is securely threaded beneath the bowl port for added stability. 

Speaking of stability, the widest point of the glass base is 7" wide, so you know your hookah will be as stable as physically possible. Wobbly bases are a thing of the past!

N3 Features

The N3 downstem comes equipped with a built in diffuser to keep the classic hookah "rumble" to a minimum. If you've ever been annoyed that a hookah bubbling is getting in the way of your favorite TV show or work flow, then worry no more! This diffuser can also be removed with just a couple of twists.

Oduman hookahs also have wide open downstems, so you'll get a smooth session with optimal airflow. These hookahs also have fantastic cloud production due to their open airflow. These N3 hookahs are also equipped with a rust proof ball bearing hidden within the purge valve, so you'll be able to clear your hookah of hot or stale smoke with ease.

For added freshness, the N3 includes a washable hookah hose that can easily be cleaned to get all those pesky flavors from your last session out of your hose.

For all you party people out there, this hookah will also come equipped with an LED light that turns your hookah into a smoking, party machine. Also included is a remote for you to control your LED light and get that perfect mood lighting.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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