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Pharaoh's Pulse "Spark" Hookah Base

Product# Base-Pharaohs-Pulse-Spark
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Pharaoh's Pulse "Spark" Hookah Base

- Opening Diameter: 2"
- Total Height: 12"
- Interior (usable) Height: 10"
- Bottom Diameter: 6"

All it took was turning on the LED light for us to fall in love with these Pulse bases from Pharaoh's Hookahs. Without any light, these bases look like your fairly standard glass bases with a few different color options.

As soon as you switch on the included LED light and place it in the indent underneath, the base will come alive with refracted light and vibrant color coming through all over. These bases are an easy way to set your hookah setup apart!

The "Spark" style of the Pharaoh's Pulse base is reminiscent of the traditional "bell" hookah bases that are widely considered to be the most common shape of base. The opening measures 2 inches in diameter, with the height being around 12 inches tall. Due to having to make room for the LED light that sits underneath, the usable, interior height of this base is 10 inches, so be sure to keep that in mind when measuring your stem to see if this base will fit your hookah!

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