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Prince Of Gray Tangiers Tobacco

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Tangiers Burley Prince of Gray Flavor Description

Put the water on the stove and grab some biscuits, it's tea time! Prince Of Gray Tangiers Shisha Tobacco is essentially a floral and citrus blend of flavors; technically, it is a blend of black tea and Bergamot orange flavors. If you like Early Gray tea, you'll love this flavor of Tangiers shisha tobacco. There's some great sweetness in the flavor to compliment the taste of the tea that may otherwise be bitter by nature. Enjoy some decently large clouds that come with smoking this Tangiers shisha!

Tangiers Burley is unwashed tobacco: expect stronger natural tobacco flavors and a high amount of nicotine buzz. 

Recommended Prince of Gray Shisha Mixes

This a fantastic flavor, however it is very light. We'd say it's a 2/10 on flavor intensity, very mellow. Due to this, we actually do not recommend mixing this shisha because, honestly, you won't taste it if you mix it. If you are set on mixing it, try to mix in some lemon flavors with either Lemon Tea Tangiers Shisha or Lemon Tangiers

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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