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Raspberry Fumari Shisha

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Fumari Raspberry Shisha Flavor Description 

Fumari Raspberry everyone, it's the one flavor that some folks forget how to spell, so if you ever need help, just reference this page. Fumari has a shisha flavor for just about every popular fruit, and we're glad that they didn't skip out on the classic raspberry flavor. This may not be news for you but raspberries are red in color, and if you didn't know, the shisha matches the drapes (dark red in color). Taking a deep inhale from the black pouch, you'll be washed in a dark raspberry scent that may give the indication of a mellow flavor profile. Once the session starts the thoughts of a mellow profile go out the window and sweet nothings are whispered in your ear from bright raspberries. From beginning to end the raspberry flavor is in the forefront and exhale of the smoke, and depending on your packing method you maybe able to pick out the natural tartness. 

What Makes Fumari Special?

Fumari Hookah Tobacco is an American based company located in California, and their product is known worldwide for its unique flavor profiles and packaging. This modern cut shisha arrives packaged in a black resealable pouch, and to ensure a mouthwatering experience they pack each bag with an exceptional amount of juice. The extra flavoring juice is added for a stronger flavor output and longevity within your session. It is recommended that you mix well before loading. This process requires a few quick squeezes on the exterior of the pouch to move the shisha juices around so they mix with the tobacco. Fumari is available in two different sizes 100g and 1000g (1 Kilo), you can easily store these small pouches and travel with them to a friends house or on a road trip. 

Packing tips

Of course you'll want to smoke this flavor immediately after opening the pouch, and if you need some assistance with getting the session started, just follow our recommendations. When you're dealing with a shisha this juicy, the main goal is to keep all of the extra juice contained in our hookah bowl. Fumari can be enjoyed in any style of bowl, but in our office we prefer it with the use of a Phunnel hookah bowl. These bowls contain a single central spire that prevents any shisha juices from escaping the bowl, and it increases the longevity of flavor within each session. 

Recommended Fumari Raspberry Shisha Mixes

If you're looking to try more than one flavor from Fumari, but you want something to par with the Raspberry flavor. Try this blended evenly with Fumari Blackberry, this provides a deeper berry blend with a heavier profile. If you want a flavor profile with a brighter result, give it a quick mix with Fumari Citrus Mint or Fumari Ambrosia

Let us know some of the mixes you've made with this flavor, or your personal thoughts about the flavor profile by clicking "Reviews."

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product. 

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