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Sour Apple Fusion Tobacco

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Sour Apple Fusion Tobacco

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Sour Apple Fusion Tobacco Reviews
Sour Apple Fusion Tobacco has a average rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars based on 1 reviews.
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More than good shisha !
Reviewed by Ramshakle
Comments about Sour Apple Fusion Tobacco:

Sour Apple from Fusion brand comes in a very elegant metal tin with a re-windable lock.The cut is small.Almost totally free of stems and threads which is always a welcomed quality to save your time and to make full use of the net quantity of tobacco in the heat-sealed thin aluminum bag which contain the leafs.I bought Sour Apple Fusion in a 50-grams package to test it and I thought 10-15 gm of removed stems is a considerabley lost weight in this case.The smoke is plenty but the session takes few extra minutes to take off. It's sensitive to heat and recquires careful heat-management with your smaller-than- average 3 coals just on the edges of the ceramic head.You can do yourself a favour if you use double-layer cellufine on top.The smell is that of yellow apple but with a chemical undertone.Although not so overwhelmingly so, I must add..Confusingally the colour of the tobacco is green , not yellow ! . It looks identical to the glistening light green of mint tobacco packages.The tobacco is not juicy ,yet very nicely merinated in the juice not to let the honey oozes through the openings of the head like it usually does if you use the regular Syrian or Egyptian phunnel.Once again, I stress using the differently-designed Tangiers phunnel that has no openings.The taste of this flavour is apple for sure but I noticed a hint of another flowery taste in the background.Something like Lavender maybe .The description of ths product as (Sour ) is completely unfitting. It's actually not sour at all.On the opposite it's fairly sweet.On the exhale, this shisha is quite smoothe and easy on the palate. One drawback though is a bit annoying floral taste .Think powder when reading the word floral. It would have been much more interesting if it lacked that powdery something in it. Obviously an added chemical .This shisha is good to smoke and is guarenteed to keep you happy through out the session.But because of the flowery ingridient it risks boring you if you ldecide to smoke Sour Apple from Fusion repeatedly on the same day.I suggest you keep this shisha as the (healer ) of your other (bad) apple tobacco falvours. Becasue it's light and sweet ,it can very easily kill the disgusting Licorice in Double Apple tobacco if mixed right.I personally mixed it with the weakly flavoured Starbuzz Exotic Apple in 1:1 ratio and to very pleasing results.The Sour Apple enhanced the apple of Starbuzz and took it to a higher level.I gave it a rating of 3/5 (the minus here being the floral taste) but for the smootheness and sweetness I'm ready to go up to 3.5 / 5. Recommended shisha but not very highly so.Not a must-buy yet it's good to have ready in your collection as a (remedy) when your session gets ill-fated with other brands.Mixing is the trick in such a dreadful scenario.One last thing to say about Sour Apple from Fusion is that it is very close (only in taste) to Golden Eskandarani from Al Fakher , so don't buy both flavours on the same order.Enjoy !Ramshakle

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