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19.5" Starbuzz Mini Hookah

Product# Hookah-Starbuzz-Mini-Package
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Starbuzz Mini Hookah

- Height: 19.5"
- CNC machined aluminum construction
- Removable diffuser
- Includes a ceramic Starbuzz phunnel bowl
- Features a "click-lock" base connection
- Hidden purge design
- Assorted colors available
- Includes a washable silicone hose with matching aluminum handle

Greatness comes in a small package with the Starbuzz Mini hookah pipe!

Starbuzz originally became famous throughout the world for their expansive line of hookah tobacco flavors and we can definitively say they have applied the same expectation of quality to their hookahs. Not only that, but they have packed this compact pipe full of impressive features that serve to elevate your smoke session.

Standing at a fully assembled height of 19 1/2 inches, the Starbuzz Mini can be used in a variety of situations! It's small enough to be used as a tabletop or desktop hookah, but if that's not your style, you can set it on the floor without issue. Are you a shisha smoker on the go? The SB Mini can easily be packed into a bag for travel!

It's exterior stem body may be made from aluminum, but the internal downstem will be crafted using high quality stainless steel! This durable material is widely used in hookah construction due to its resistance to both rust/corrosion and flavor absorption (with proper maintenance of course). The included detachable diffuser helps reduce the rumble and vibration during your sessions, resulting in a quieter, less intrusive experience.

The stylish stem of the SB Mini rests atop a clear glass base and features a "click-lock" base/stem connection that securely holds your hookah together while also providing a perfectly airtight seal without the need for a traditional rubber base grommet. Just insert your stem and gently twist it onto the base until you hear a click!

For those of you who are detail oriented, you may have noticed something missing from the stem: a purge valve! This is because Starbuzz designed the Mini to function using a "hidden" purge system that is embedded internally in the hub. Just gently exhale into your hose to easily clear your base of any harsh or stale smoke!

Included with this hookah package is a Starbuzz ceramic phunnel bowl, a washable silicone hose with matching aluminum handle, a set of color-matched tongs, and a textured coal tray that helps prevent your charcoal from blacking out or extinguishing in the tray. They really thought of everything here!

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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