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Twice the Apple Punch Haze Shisha Tobacco

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Twice the Apple Haze Shisha Flavor Description

Haze's Twice the Apple Shisha tobacco is a great double apple flavor, and a unique one in the sense that it doesn't hit as hard as others with the use of anise. Twice the Apple is a medium-choppy cut shisha that is very juicy, and it smells just like typical double apple (not much anise). The taste is another solid double apple taste, with some great spice taste added in there. It's a flavorful double apple, but lighter than other flavors. As with most Haze flavors, the Twice the Apple hookah tobacco features massive clouds to keep you entertained during your smoke session.

Recommended Twice the Apple Haze Mixes

What doesn't go with mint? Mixing in some Mint Haze shisha to your bowl of Twice the Apple is a solid bet. Another great shisha to add to your bowl of Twice the Apple is Frozen Lakes Haze, which adds the sweetness of raspberry and the freshness of watermelon and hints of mint.

If you've come up with some awesome mixes using this Twice the Apple Haze Shisha tobacco, we'd love to hear about them! Click "Reviews" to share you flavor review and mix recommendations. Happy mixing!

About Haze Shisha Tobacco

Based in Texas, Haze uses some of the finest ingredients to make its premium hookah tobacco. Each handcrafted blend sends you on a tasty journey, full of unique, delightful flavors and huge fluffy clouds. You'll want to try each and every one of Haze's juicy shisha flavor creations. 

Haze Shisha comes in convenient storage containers which allow you to stack up your tins, making it much easier to store all your favorite Haze tobacco flavors all in one place. Available in 100g and 250g sizes. 

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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