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Urth Tree Herbal

Urth Tree Paan Raas Tobacco Free Shisha

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Urth Tree Paan Raas

Any hookah smoker who has caught a wiff of any Paan shisha can tell you that it's easily one of the most identifiable, intense, and unique flavors that exists in the market, and the tobacco-free Urth Tree Paan Raas is of no exception! Paan recipes change throughout the world depending on which region you're in, however the shisha flavor primarily focuses on a powerful blend of mint, spices (such as cardamom), and strong floral notes (think rose and jasmine). We recommend picking up a dedicated hose (such as the Al Fakher Disposable hoses) for this shisha, as Paan has a tendency to "stain" or "ghost" very heavily which may impact the flavor of future smoke sessions.

Urth Tree Fruit Molasses

The makers of CocoUrth hookah charcoal have finalized and finally released their own brand of herbal shisha! Using all natural ingredients for the flavoring as well as real apples to create a fine cut base, Urth Tree will be 100% tobacco and nicotine free! This new type of cut is almost identical to that of standard shisha tobacco and produces fantastic clouds with impressive flavor.

While this is an herbal, tobacco free shisha, you can easily blend Urth Tree with a variety of shisha, whether it be herbal or not! You will want to prepare this brand just like you would any other blonde leaf shisha brand, so lightly sprinkle the shisha into the bowl and up to the rim making sure to leave it "fluffy" to provide adequate airflow. We recommend using 2-3 pieces of natural charcoal (or 4 pieces, depending on your preference) for your session. While Urth Tree will work well in any style of bowl, we recommend using a phunnel style bowl to keep the juice in the bowl and provide a longer hookah session.

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