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Zomo Shisha

Zomo Shisha - Dark Leaf

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Zomo Strong Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco Collection

If you've tried the Zomo World Experience flavors and want a little more buzz in your session, look no further. If you're a fan of tasty dark leaf tobacco, once again we have you covered. What we have for you today comes from our friends below in South America, and it's a robust collection of shisha flavor known as Zomo Strong. These flavor are all created with the use of sugar cane and ice cold mint, with the use of multiple fruit notes to create each blend. Unlike the blonde leaf counterpart, this tobacco needs to prepare with a slightly dense packing method to achieve the best results. Due to the high buzz factor we don't recommend this to anyone starting hookah for the first time.

Zomo Strong Flavors

Strong Blue - Powerful blueberry notes with the perfect level of cooling
Strong Lemon - Tangy lemon with sweet sugar cane and a cold inhale
Strong Mango - Knock you out of your socks mango with delicious sweet mint
Strong Mint - The power of dark leaf with a sweet natural mint
Strong Passion - It's the passion fruit your bowl is lackingĀ 
Strong Pine - Squeezed pineapple juice with mint leaves and sugar on the rim
Strong Orange - Not too bitter and not sweet but everything ORANGE

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